Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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I make a pretty mean cheesecake cupcake. I know I'm supposed to leave that opinion up to other people, but I have enough feedback to confidently say I'm pretty good at cheesecake cupcakes.

I have thought on and off over the years that maybe I should sell them. I could make a reasonable menu of flavors and take orders. Maybe around the holidays would work, you know?

As such, I'd need graphic design for the logo and perhaps for the packaging. Not a ton, and nothing too fancy because I want the cakes to be the big feature, but something sweet and simple and easy to commute to all the things I need from boxes to stickers to website design.

That's where 99Designs comes in. I can set up the project I need, and the whole marketplace of designers over there can take a look and mock something up if they're so inclined. I've done this once, and it was a great experience.

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